Reduce costs and enhance broker/client communications.

APL Navigator eliminates database and production costs by allowing real-time Web access. Brokers are now able to analyze a full range of reports and provide service for the client with on-screen data, providing access to virtually any Fiserv APL report over the Web, from any location, and on-the-fly. The APL Navigator on-demand system grows as the business grows, taking on any number of users and delivering information from an unlimited array of portfolio accounts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Web-based immediate access to analyze and communicate:
    • account lists
    • asset allocations
    • holdings
    • transactions
    • schedule of realized gains/loss
    • daily performance, and numerous other reports
  • Real-time portfolio data delivered to any website
  • Performance data that refreshes on demand
  • Ability to post and archive quarterly statements
  • Reports and Downloads can easily be created on the fly
  • Web sites customization to a client's exact specifications
  • Ability to view any available Fiserv APL report
  • High quality, print-ready reports
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go or flat-fee billing options
  • Scalability for long term use
  • Reduces or Eliminates:
    • need for help desk assistance since data is available online
    • need for an intermediate database, reducing additional reconciliation
    • mailing/fulfillment costs
    • paper and production costs

Technical Overview:

Uses today's most sophisticated, standard Web technology:
  • Web Services
  • Standard SOAP based protocol
  • Pre-formatted PDF reports, HTML screens or XML messages
Uses SOAP calls to obtain performance reporting on:
  • Separately Managed Portfolios
  • High Net Worth Portfolios
  • Secure transmission of data using Secure Socket Layer (SSL)