Kass Enterprises is the result of a great need in the marketplace. After founding Kass Enterprises in 2000 specifically to provide APL programming services to the investment management and insurance communities, David Kass immediately recognized that every Fiserv client was making an identical request for the ability to view Fiserv APL™ data online for anywhere anytime information. With no other firm filling this basic need, Kass set out to pioneer a secure and reliable way to access real-time APL data on the Web.

Kass Enterprises devoted all resources and efforts to providing the ability to access Fiserv APL™ data from any Web site. The result was the APL Navigator. After coding in the APL language for 15 years, Kass had accumulated a large pool of expert APL programmers to draw upon to build today’s unique and widely-used APL Navigator solution.

At the end of 2000, Kass Enterprises entered in to a joint marketing agreement with Fiserv to provide the APL Navigator product to all Fiserv clients. Since then, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and Kass Enterprises continues to enhance and extend APL Navigator functionality, while also offering consulting services.

Kass Enterprises is a privately held organization headquartered in the greater New York City area.